Thursday, January 3, 2013

Introduction to Dr. Ling-Min Wang

Dr. Wang and Dr. Ponder in Taiwan. 
Story soon!
Dr. Ling-Min Wang, of the Wildlife First Aid Station in Jiji, Taiwan, will join TRC for a veterinary internship in the next few weeks. We met Dr. Wang in the spring of 2011, when she and a colleague attended our Avian Orthopedic and Basic Raptor Rehabilitation workshops. She then arranged for Dr. Ponder and Dr. Willette to present at the Avian Clinical Technique Workshop hosted by the Endemic Species Research Institute hosted the following spring (March 2012) in Taiwan.

In preparation for joining us, Dr. Wang has graciously agreed to share some thoughts about her upcoming journey. She starts this post out with the beginning of our relationship when she came to TRC for the workshops.

“I went to TRC with my boss (Dr. Fang Tse Chan) in May, 2011; it’s my maiden trip to the USA. I’d never flown such a long time. The indirect flight from Taiwan via San Francisco to Minneapolis took about 24 hours. My first impression of TRC was that it’s really a good building and there’re lots of displays and posters about raptors inside. We even saw exhibitions of raptor ambassadors which were similar to what we did in our working place, Wildlife First Aid Station, but TRC was much well-regulated.

Dr. Wang with a great horned owl,
during Basic Raptor Rehabilitation Workshop
We both registered “Basic Raptor Rehabilitation Workshop” and “Avian Orthopedic Workshop”. Our purpose was to learn more techniques and knowledge from the workshops, so we could make it better for clinical avian medicine in Taiwan in the future. Due to severe jet lag, I had to use all my willpower to study at the workshop. Because of the substantial content and practical courses, I was busy and fulfilled those days.

Dr. Fang Tse Chan with a red-tailed hawk,
during Basic Raptor Rehabilitation Workshop
After that learning trip in the US, I felt that I’d like to learn more! “May I have a chance to have a longer training in TRC?” I discussed with my boss and thought about many possible training programs. Unfortunately, it’s impossible to be asked for my leave longer than 1 month in WFAS. So, I could only put the idea in my mind until Mar, 2012…”  (Dr. Wang will send another post soon!)

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