Thursday, November 16, 2017

Success Story of TRC Bald Eagle Patient

Bald eagle patient shortly before release!

Bald eagle patient, after only several weeks in our clinic. 
You can obviously see the soft tissue injuries are healing, but
this patient needed the care our clinic could provide.
On Give to the Max day, we'd like  to share with you a recent success story from our clinic that exemplifies the expertise, passion and commitment of TRC staff and volunteers.  Each gift you give today will be a part of the ongoing care we are able to provide for patients like this bald eagle.

An adult female bald eagle was admitted last May with extensive soft tissue injuries to the top of her head, a right wing droop, and trauma to her eyes. As is often the case, we don’t know what caused her injuries; however, we were captivated by this eagle’s spirit and survival attitude.

Many people were involved in helping this bird heal and in giving her a second chance at a wild life. Her recovery was slow and along the way, she required many different medical tests to diagnose her
ailments, evaluate her progress, and help create effective treatment plans. Throughout her rehabilitation journey, this bald eagle received many things, such as:

  • Eleven radiographs
  • Eleven blood samples
  • Two complete eye exams (performed by a Veterinary Medical Center ophthalmologist)
  • One EMG (electromyography) performed at the Veterinary Medical Center to access the neurological function of her droopy wing
  • 180 rats
  • Five different housing spaces
  • Ten exercise sessions

After almost six months of intense treatments and the help of many caring hands, this inspirational
patient was given the gift of freedom along the St. Croix River in Hastings.

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Monday, November 13, 2017

Will You "Give to the Max" for TRC Clinic Patients?

TRC's biggest year for our clinic patient census was last year, when we admitted 1058.  We currently have admitted 980 patients so far this year in 2017, and there is much of the year left!  You can always find our clinic census here.  We update it weekly.

Will you please consider a gift so we can always be there to help sick and injured raptors admitted to our clinic?  Every gift makes an impact.  You can see how we put your gift to work in the graphic below.