Friday, January 11, 2013

Dr. Ling-Min Wang's Journal Continues

We are very excited that soon Dr. Ling-Min Wang will join our TRC staff.  She sent some information about her background in a previous post.  She now sends some more information about how she came to know and join TRC.  (We also thank her for sharing her photos of Drs. Ponder and Willette!)

"In early Mar, 2012, “2012 SEAZA Avian Veterinary Medicine Training Course” was co-organized by Taipei Zoo and Wildlife First Aid Station. The purpose of the course was to improve the knowledge and techniques of clinical avian medicine for wild animal and zoo vets in Taiwan and other East and Southeast Asian countries. Therefore, I had been asked to invite some specialists from TRC to give lectures. I wrote an e-mail to Dr. Julia Ponder cautiously, and she promised to come to Taiwan immediately. Then, I happily met Dr. Ponder and Willette again in Taiwan!

More than half courses were taught by Drs. Ponder and Willette, and others were conducted by senior vets from Hong Kong Ocean Park, Singapore Zoo, and Taipei Zoo. Some courses were similar to what I had learned from TRC, but others were taught more clinical techniques, such as endoscopic exam and organic biopsy. All participants benefited a lot from the course, so I believed everyone could do better in clinical avian medicine including surgeries and examinations.

Dr. Willette - birding in Wulai

Dr. Ponder - birding in Guandu

Dr. Ponder and Giant Panda

Drs. Ponder and Willette and a stilt!
After the course, I and my bf (he is my husband now) guided Drs. Ponder and Willette to Taipei for a short trip. We went to some ecotourism destinations and National Palace Museum. In the last night when we were having our dessert, shaved ice, I was asked “Are you interested in working in TRC? We’d like to invite you to apply an internship.” I was so surprised and answered “Yes! But I have to discuss with my boss.” “Sure.” Now you know I have applied the internship in TRC successfully. Hello everybody, I am coming!"

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