Thursday, January 10, 2013

Follow American White Pelicans

This map shows information on
four of the pelicans with transmitters.
The Raptor Center thanks Audubon Minnesota for allowing us to share so much of the important work they do for bird conservation.  If you didn't already know, another of the species of birds they are working with are American White Pelicans

About one-third of the world’s breeding population of American White Pelicans is found in Minnesota, and Audubon Minnesota has identified the striking birds as a “Stewardship Species” and made them the focus of special conservation efforts. In May 2012, a team from Audubon Minnesota, North Dakota State University, and the Minnesota Department of Natural Resources Nongame program fitted five adult pelicans with satellite-linked GPS tracking units. These units transmit hourly readings on the birds’ locations, providing new insights into where they are foraging in the summer, their migration strategies, and how they use the gulf during the winter. This will help us learn more about the threats they encounter along the way, including risks posed by oil and other pollutants in the gulf and elsewhere.

Some interesting information Audubon Minnesota compiled.
The three pelicans still being tracked seem to have settled in, at least for now, to their winter homes. Both P197 and P199 remain along the Gulf Coast in Louisiana. 

Map of P 196's recent travels.
P196 has made his way to a wetland area about 60 miles SE of Veracruz, Mexico. He arrived on December 28 and has been there since. It is not clear that is where he will stay.

P195 is no longer on-line.

You can find data on Audubon Minnesota’s online map which can be found here.

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