Thursday, January 17, 2013

Barn Owl Cavity Nest Cam

Nest cams can be portals to observing natural behavior by many wild species.  Good education accompanying these opportunities can help people understand more about conservation and species' needs. Starr Ranch presents a Common Barn Owl nest cavity camera.  The cavity is in an old, 100-foot tall eucalyptus tree.

Starr Ranch has operated as a preserve of southern California wildlands since 1973. Our 4000 acres encompass the unique mosaics of mediterranean climate habitats that were once, before the spread of urbanization, typical of southern Californian landscapes.  Staff biologists have not only worked on projects that contribute to protection and restoration of the unique habitat mosaics at the Ranch but also have integrated their research into education programs to provide both simulated and actual involvement in hands-on wildlife biology.

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