Monday, January 7, 2013

Boreal owls

Boreas, the boreal owl at The Raptor Center
 Boreas is a boreal owl, and one of TRC's winged ambassadors.  Boreas was admitted to The Raptor Center’s clinic after being found in a parking ramp in downtown Duluth, Minn. The cause of his injury was unknown, but during his physical exam he was found to have substantial ocular damage (eye injuries). After two months of observation and visits with the ophthalmologist, it was determined that Boreas was un-releasable due to his sight deficiency.


Boreal owl occurrence map for winter in Minnesota

This is the color legend from the MOU page

Other species of owls in winter in Minnesota

For the state of Minnesota, the Minnesota Ornithologists' Union website has a feature where you can look at the occurrence of bird species, by county, and by season. 

This is the occurrence map for boreal owls.

Here are other species' occurrence maps for Minnesota in winter months.

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