Tuesday, November 29, 2011

TRC Clinic Census November 29


Bald Eagle 15

Hawks - Buteos

Red-tailed Hawk 12

Red-shouldered Hawk 1

Rough-legged Hawk 1

Hawks - Accipiters

Sharp-shinned Hawk 0

Northern Goshawk 0

Cooper's Hawk 1


American Kestrel 0

Peregrine Falcon 4

Merlin 1

Gyrfalcon 0


Great Horned Owl 10

Short-eared Owl 2

Northern Saw-whet Owl 2

Barred Owl 2

Eastern screech-owl 1

Snowy Owl 1

Long-eared Owl 1

Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Barred Owl Patient at TRC

One of The Raptor Center's current 55 patients is a barred owl. It was found in the chimney of a house – by people who were in the process of moving into the house! Owls are cavity nesters, and also choose cavities to roost in. Human-made structures such as chimneys have been choices for several owl species, especially when the owls find heat coming through these openings in our approaching colder weather. The owl had some broken feathers and was dehydrated, but the prognosis is good to release the bird back into the wild. (As you look at the photos with this message, note the soot around the bird's eyes. This is from being in the chimney. These photos were taken very early in the bird's treatment. The area around the eyes is very delicate, and soot is a substance that often takes multiple cleanings to completely remove from feathers.)

Monday, November 21, 2011

Great article on TRC Volunteers!

The University of Minnesota's University Relations department visited TRC recently. They met with Dr. Robert Kriel and Sue McCarthy, two Tuesday Education Crew members. There is a great article here, and it is on the slideshow for the main U of M page for the next few days! Thank you to Bob and Sue, and all our wonderful volunteers!

Thursday, November 17, 2011

Thank you from TRC

To our friends, volunteers and loyal donors - please accept a warm thank you for your support on Give to the Max Day. In additional to your wonderful contributions we were thrilled to receive the super-sized Golden Ticket. This $10,000 bonus was added to the gift of one of our loyal Wednesday afternoon crew volunteers. In total more than $73,000 was raised.

You give us such inspiration and we are thankful for each and every gift. Thank you from all of us at The Raptor Center.

Monday, November 14, 2011

Give MN is Nov 16!

Join us as Minnesotans come together in a cornucopia of giving. This year, you will DOUBLE your impact when you give to The Raptor Center through GiveMN.org on November 16. Thanks to two loyal TRC donor families, Rachel and Denny Hollstadt and the Sarah J Andersen Fund of the Hugh J Andersen Foundation, the first $27,000 in gifts will be matched! Help us spread the word about this wonderful opportunity. Help us to Max the Match!

Your gifts help provide resources needed to rehabilitate sick and injured birds, help educate conservation-minded veterinarians and veterinary students, and allow us to reach out to the community with our unique educational programs.

If the opportunity to double your impact isn’t enough, there are more ways to help. Each hour, one donor will be selected at random to receive an elusive golden ticket. This golden ticket will add $1,000 to the donor’s charity of choice! For you night owls, please consider making your gift anytime after 12:01a.m. on Wednesday, November 16. This will increase The Raptor Center’s chances of getting a least one golden ticket. Multiple gifts given by individuals also increase the likelihood of winning a golden ticket!

Thursday, November 10, 2011

MN Conservation Volunteer Story on TRC Patient Wins Award

The Minnesota Conservation Volunteer magazine, published by the Minnesota Department of Natural Resources, covered a TRC patient in their March April 2011 issue. Kathleen Weflen, Editor in Chief of the magazine, and the article's writer, informed TRC that this article won a gold aware from Minnesota Magazine and Publishing Association for Best Profile article. The two photos in this post are of Kathleen with the bird, before she released it, and the second one of the bird, as it is perched after release.

Monday, November 7, 2011

Give to the Max Day November 16

Launched in November 2009, "Give to the Max Day" is an annual day for Minnesotans to come together to raise as much money as possible for nonprofits in 24 hours. Last year, nearly $10,000 for raised for TRC. Rachel & Denny Hollstadt and the Sarah J. Andersen Fund of the Hugh J. Andersen Foundation have agreed TO MATCH all gifts up to $27,000! The Raptor Center's page is here; please take the opportunity to view our video, too!

Thursday, November 3, 2011

Care and Management conference at TRC

Seventeen people from across the United States and Canada came to The Raptor Center for four intense days of study with clinic and education staff. They came to learn skills to manage and care for raptors that are used for educational programs. Topics include emergency medical care, training raptors for programs and what you need to set up enclosures. The Care and Management of Captive Raptors Workshop is held once a year in October.