Friday, January 4, 2013

Golden Eagle Travels January 4, 2013

Golden eagle 45

We received the latest maps and information on the golden eagles being tracked through a

joint effort of Audubon Minnesota (thank you as always from Mark Martell), the National Eagle Center, the Minnesota DNR Nongame Program and the Wisconsin DNR.

Eagle 45 “Jeanette” has been seen back at the farm where she was trapped last February! We are still having trouble with her radio but Peggy Reimer reported she saw him and was able to get some photos of the bird which show his backpack (see in this post). We also had a radio location about 1 mile from the release site on January 2, a few days after the initial sighting.

Golden eagle 45 flying with backpack transmitter seen.
Golden eagle 53

Eagle 53 “Jack” is now in southern Missouri. Since Christmas Eve he has been in Ozark County, Missouri about 10 miles north of the Arkansas border. This is as far south as we have tracked a Golden Eagle in the Midwest although they have been reported as far south as Mississippi in the winter time. He has traveled over 1,000 miles since he was caught at Hawk Ridge in Minnesota.

Eagle 46 “Had Wah’pe” is apparently very happy on his winter home in the Whitewater IBA in Winona County Minnesota. Like last year he is using a large stand of forest for his evening roost and wanders out (not very far) during the day.

You can read more on the project by going here.  

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