Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Tracking Golden Eagles - Nov 7 Update

Golden eagle (GOEA) 45
Mark Martell of Audubon Minnesota shared recent travels and a map of both GOEA 45 and GOEA 46.  If you will recall from an earlier post, GOEA 46's transmitted was sending information that let us know how he was doing, and what his story was. 

GOEA 45 started sending GPS data again so we are back to tracking her in more detail. She continues to move south but has taken a severe left turn (east) and is now in central Ontario.

GOEA 46 moves slowly and steadily south and is in eastern Manitoba. His path would put him in north central Minnesota.

GOEA 45 movements in red; GOEA 46 in yellow
You can read more about Audubon Minnesota's golden eagle conservation project here

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