Monday, November 26, 2012

Following the Golden Eagles

Golden eagle 46
Mark Martell of Audubon Minnesota shared the most recent maps and movement information of golden eagles with satellite transmitters. 

GOEA 46 “Hda Wah’ pe” was in Aitken Co., MN on Nov 21. On the 22nd he moved about 35 miles to the southeast. On the 23rd he took a 160 mile trip going east into Wisconsin and then south to his previous wintering area, where he has been the past 2 winters, near Alma, Wisconsin. (See first map.)

GOEA 53 “Jack” who was tagged at Hawk Ridge on Nov 12 has been moving slowly but steadily south. On the 13th he was in Douglas Co., WI about 8 miles south of Superior, Wis. On the 15th he continued his southbound journey and moved into Rusk County, Wisconsin. From Nov 16 – 22 he has been using an area west and south of Ladysmith, Wis. (See second map.)

Golden eagle 53

GOEA 45 “Jeanette” continues to have problems with her radio. We once again stopped getting GPS readings. So we are relying on the satellite to give us locations. We do not get these reading as often as the GPS readings. The last location we had on 45 was north of Lake Superior on Nov 20.

Read about the project here, including the partners and background on the birds in this post. 

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