Wednesday, November 7, 2012

The Raptor Center's clinic census

Sharp-shinned hawk
The Raptor Center has received 726 patients so far this year.  (Last year, we had 699 patients for the whole year!)  We currently have 67 patients. 

Bald eagle   18

Hawks - buteos
Red-tailed hawk   19
Red-shouldered hawk   2
Broad-winged hawk   1

Hawks - accipiters
Sharp-shinned hawk   4
Cooper's hawk   2

Peregrine falcon   3
Merlin   1
American kestrel   1

Northern saw-whet owl   5
Great horned owl   5
Barred owl   4
Short-eared owl   1

Northern Harrier   1

We update our website page weekly, so you can always check in and see what's happening in our clinic. 

If you do find an injured raptor, here is some helpful information.

With our clinic so busy, we appreciate the support of friends like you.  Give to the Max day is coming soon (Nov 15), and your gifts will be matched up to $52,000. 

$50 provides radiographs (commonly called x-rays) for incoming patients to determine injuries.
$ 500 provides for anesthesia and surgery for a bald eagle with a broken wing.

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