Friday, November 2, 2012

Give to the Max FAQ's

Give to the Max Day is fast approaching-Thursday, November 15. GTTM is becoming one our largest fund raisers for the year. Last year, we raised more than $72,000!

What is it?
Give to the Max Day is an event, hosted on the website, Thursday, November 15. During this 24-hour period, gifts to The Raptor Center will be matched up to $52,000. This match is provided by Rachel and Denny Hollstadt and the Sarah J. Andersen Fund of the Hugh J. Andersen Foundation.

Two barred owl chicks that TRC was able to foster with other barred owl familes.
Why Make a Gift on Give to the Max Day?
Because the day is electronically-based, it is in perfect alignment with TRC’s goal of being good stewards of our environment by eliminating the need to print or mail anything!

There are some extra incentives you should know about. Each hour throughout the day one donor is randomly chosen to have his/her gift upgraded by the folks at Give to the Max by $1,000 (known as a golden ticket)!  At the end of the 24 hour period, one donation is chosen to be “super sized” and that gift has $10,000 added to it. You may remember last year, one of our volunteers, Jim Colten, had his gift super-sized and TRC received an extra $10,000. Each and every gift matters!

How Can I Help?

Give to the Max is about getting our messaging out to as many folks as we can. If you are willing to share this message it will help tremendously. We encourage you to share our GTTM messaging to friends, family and neighbors. We’re calling it the 15-15-15 strategy. On November 15, send GTTM messaging to 15 friends asking them for $15.

TRC educates 150,000 people each year.  Will you help us continue this work?

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