Thursday, April 11, 2013

Peregrine Falcon Season is Underway

Peregrine falcons are getting their breeding seasons going in many of our Midwestern states.  As many of you know, the Midwest Peregrine Society is headquartered out of The Raptor Center.  A great story of the work done by Dr. Patrick Redig on the restoration of peregrines was recently featured.  Another recent article detailed some of the peregrine cliff sites along the Mississippi River. 

Thanks to reports provided by our state coordinators, we can share with you some updates on peregrines:

From Indiana: nesting has been confirmed (eggs observed) at 13 sites.

This is a still shot from the nest cam in KY

Five chicks in the KY nest site
From Kentucky: the fifth egg in the falcon web cam nest hatched mid-day Saturday!  Kentucky has only documented this (five hatched young at a nest site) twice in Kentucky.  Both times were at a different nest.

From Wisconsin: we know now of six WI cliffs along the Upper Mississippi River with defending adult falcons, and fourteen urban sites with eggs.

We have some nest cam links on our TRC peregrine webpage (with more to come.)

Thank yous to John Castrale, Kate Heyden, Bob Anderson and Greg Septon for their reports. 

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