Wednesday, April 17, 2013

How You Can Help Urban Birds

Orange-crowned warbler
Even though it might not feel like spring, many bird species are still making their annual journeys through North America to their breeding grounds.  We would like to share some resources of what you can do to help them at either their final destinations, or along the way.

Audubon Minnesota has published a Guide to Twin Cities Urban Bird Conservation (and if you are not in the Twin Cities, other Audubon state offices have similar resources.)  There are descriptions and discussions on creating and conserving different habitat types,  how to reduce habitat threats and hazards to birds (including window/building strikes), environmental education and research.   

White-crowned sparrow
  Some quick ideas that YOU can do:  Transform urban spaces into bird friendly havens with nest boxes, bird feeders, and native plants.

Reduce use of pesticides by using manual weeding, seasonal burning and mowing.

Turn off unnecessary lights at night and make your windows visible to birds in the daytime.

Locate bird feeders and birdbaths so they’re either within 3 feet of a window, or farther than 30 feet away.

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