Friday, April 12, 2013

Golden Eagle Travels Continue


We're happy to give you an update on the travels of three golden eagles.  The project information, along with interactive map and bios of the birds, can be found on Audubon Minnesota's site here.  You can also find information on National Eagle Center's site.

GOEA45 – Jeanette – arrived back on her breeding site on April 3, the same day she arrived in 2012. This year we recorded her traveling about 1800 miles compared with the 2200 miles she travelled last year (these distances are measured directly between evening roosts so do not include any meanderings during the day). She left her Waupaca County, Wis wintering area on March 1 this year and Feb 16 last year. In the map, see the red line is her travel in 2012 and the yellow line is her
GOEA 45 - comparison of spring 2012 (red)
and spring 2013 (yellow) routes
travel in 2013. 

GOEA 46's travels

GOEA46 – Wa Hap” pe – has finally left Minnesota. He took off on March 26, went straight north near (but not over) Duluth and was in northern Ontario on April 4.

GOEA 53's travels
GOEA53 – Jack – has spent the past few days north of the Great Slave Lake in the Northwest Territories, Canada. We will have to wait and see if this is his summer destination and if he shows any indication of nesting here

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