Thursday, October 24, 2013

TRC Gets Ready for Winter!

Volunteers David S. and Michael D. work in Nero's mews

The Raptor Center is getting ready for winter, just as most of you are!  With the change in temperatures, the housing (mews) for several of our winged ambassadors needed to be modified a bit.  This week, our turkey vulture, Nero (who will be 40 next year!) had Plexiglass and a heater installed in his housing.  With the direction his enclosure is facing, we take advantage of late afternoon sun for added warmth, too.
David works on Meadow's mews

Meadow, our northern harrier, also had Plexiglass and a heater added to her enclosure.  

Meadow's thermometer

We have thermometers in both birds’ mews that help us keep track of the temperature inside them all year long.  In a month or so, our non-feathered staff will look longingly at those temperatures that are much higher than the outdoors!

Darner is outside her hutch!
Our smaller birds have heat bulbs for their hutches (small “houses” inside their enclosures.)  (Darner the American kestrel is demonstrating her hardiness by staying outside today, while Boreas the boreal owl enjoys his heated hutch.)

Darner's hutch

Boreas likes his heat bulb and hutch

We couldn’t do this without the incredible skills and commitment of our volunteers.  They truly keep us going, and we thank them so much for everything they do.


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