Wednesday, October 16, 2013

TRC Clinic Patient Census October 15 - We're Already Over Last Year's Numbers!

A young northern goshawk patient
The Raptor Center has received 806 patients so far this year.  We currently have 88 patients.  For the calendar year 2012, we received 786 wild bird patients, along with 20 raptors used in education programs or in the sport of falconry. This was the highest number since 2005, and 87 more patients than 2011.

Some of our patients are in individual patient cages while their injuries heal.  Others are in large flight rooms or outside in the rehabilitation courtyard for exercise before their release. 

We appreciate any and all gifts given to help with the mounting food bills for these hungry patients!

The following table shows the patient census by species:

The Raptor Center
Current Patient Census 
(as of October 15, 2013)  


            Bald Eagle15
Hawks - Buteos
            Red-tailed Hawk20
            Broad-winged Hawk13
            Swainson's Hawk0
Hawks - Accipiters
            Sharp-shinned Hawk0
            Northern Goshawk2
            Cooper's Hawk8
            American Kestrel2
            Peregrine Falcon3
           Great Horned Owl17
           Short-eared Owl0
           Northern Saw-whet Owl1
           Barred Owl3
           Eastern Screech-owl0
           Snowy Owl0
           Boreal Owl0
           Great Gray Owl1
           Long-eared Owl0
Others (Osprey)1
Others (Turkey Vulture)1

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