Thursday, October 3, 2013

Project BirdSafe for our Migrating Feathered Friends

Migration continues as documented by the counters at Hawk Ridge, Duluth.  In the last four days, they have counted 47, 564 migrating non-raptors which brings the season total to 185, 771 non-raptors.  Warblers have made up the majority of those non-raptors (19,539 in the last four days), and 3,585 American goldfinches were counted yesterday.  (You can check in on their daily counts by going to the Hawk Ridge website here.)

How can you help?  Birds hit buildings at night and during the day for different reasons. At night migrating birds can be drawn off course by bright lights in our cities. During the day the problem is reflection or other confusing aspects of glass. You can do many things to have a more BirdSafe Home.

Here is the link to the BirdSafe website. 

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