Monday, June 18, 2012

TRC Recognition from US Fish and Wildlife Service

The Raptor Center received a wonderful surprise when we were recently visited by colleagues from the United States Fish and Wildlife Service, Region 3 Migratory Bird Division. They presented us with a letter of appreciation and a plaque recognizing our efforts in wildlife conservation. This recognition was extremely meaningful, especially coming from a group we know to be exceptionally hard-working and dedicated themselves. The fact that their team took the time to visit us as a group to make the presentation made it even more special. We value our strong working relationship with the Fish and Wildlife Service and are grateful for the partnership we have with them.

We are sharing a photo of TRC and USFWS staff, as well as a photo of the plaque. We would like to quote a very meaningful line from the letter of appreciation: “ It is through . . . unpublicized work that is done at The Raptor Center at the University of Minnesota on a daily basis that we are reminded that the welfare of our natural resources are in the stewardship of exceptionally talented and passionate people."

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