Monday, June 11, 2012

Peregrines in the Midwest - Indiana Spotlight

Peregrine chicks are being banded in the Minneapolis metro area, as we have posted recently.  Peregrines are also banded in quite a few others states, as well.  The Raptor Center is very proud to be the headquarters of the Midwest Peregrine Society, which coordinated the reintroduction of the peregrine for the midwest under the direction of Harrison "Bud" Tordoff and Dr. Patrick Redig, co-founder of The Raptor Center. 

The state coordinators that we work with do an incredible amount of work to coordinate all the details that are involved.  We will share some of these as they are sent to us.  Our thanks go out today to John Castrale at the Indiana Department of Natural Resources, for his information and photos provided. 

The first photo is of male Zephyr b/r *9/*A, who is at South Bend, Indianapolis.  He is 13 years old, which is quite a feat for a wild peregrine, and at the time of this posting had two chicks at this stie.  The most interesting part of his story is that as of last year (after this photo was taken), he is missing his entire right foot.  We do not know what happened, but he is obviously able to provide food for himself and a family the last two seasons. 

The second photo is of Latesha b/g Z/K, also 13, and is the breeding female at the Wheatfield site.  She was wild produced in Genoa, WI in 1999. 

The next photo (female with eggs) is of Crystal b/r X/*K, at the Gary, IN USS sinter plant. She is also 13 years old, hacked in Labadie, MO in 1999.

The last photo is of Kinney, b/r 7/*3 at the Indianapolis Market Tower site.  Kinney has produced over 60 chicks in his lifetime and was hacked in Lexington, KY - in 1993!  This makes him 19 (not 18, as a sharp eyed follower noted) years old!


  1. Thank you for highlighting our Indiana birds! So proud of the progress here in Indiana and the efforts of Indiana DNR, particularly John Castrale, and all the volunteers over the years. (and Kinney turned 19 on May 13 this year - he's quite remarkable).

  2. Thank you for correcting Kinney's age. We are very happy to talk about the great work done by many state people, as well as passionate volunteers and others.

  3. Thank you for this article. We are very proud of both Kinney and Zephyr, two amazing Indiana tiercels.