Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Peregrines in the Midwest - Nebraska Spotlight

We will continue to share information on these amazing peregrines in the midwest as we compile it.  Nebraska has two sites where peregrine chicks are banded.  The Woodmen Tower in Omaha has a pretty special male; he was hatched in 1994 in Rochester, NY, so that makes him 18!  Zeus b *X/R has been at the site since 1996.  As of this year, he has produced 60 young!  There have been two other females at the site besides the current female, Hera.  She is unbanded, so her history and age is not known, but has been at the site since 2006 with Zeus.  There were five chicks both this year and last - that is a very healthy and productive clutch.  We wish to thank Joel Jorgensen of the  Nebraska Game and Parks Commission, and the nice folks at Woodmen of the World Life Insurance Society for providing these photos of Zeus.   

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