Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Peregrines at Bremer and Wells Fargo

Three peregrine chicks were banded at the Bremer Tower, formerly North Central Life in downtown St Paul, and four chicks were banded at Wells Fargo, formerly Norwest Financial Center in Bloomington. 

The first year nesting was attempted at Bremer was1988, and since then a total or 63 young have been produced.  The male is again Sota b/r 8/*E, and the female is Jill b/g 50/B.  Jill is a 2002 hatch from Castle Rock inTrempealeau County, Wisconsin.  Sota is a 1994 hatch from the Mayo Clinic in Rochester, MN.  
He has been at this site since at least 03/18/98; he lacks toes 2 and 3 on both feet. On the right, stubs are short, on left toe 2 is short, toe 3 lacks only the claw and distal phalanx.  There is no definitive explanation of what happened.  He is obviously still capable of not only finding prey for himself, but also a family each year. 

For the fifteenth year, a pair nested in an open tray on the east side of the building at Wells Fargo. The female is nine-year-old Speedy b/g 30/E, a 2003 hatch from the King plant in Bayport, MN and the male is eight-year-old MPR2 b/g D/32, a 2004 hatch from the Multifoods Tower in Minneapolis, MN.  The first year nesting attempted here was 1997, and a total of 51 young have been produced.

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