Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Harley Dec 17-21

Harley gave us a scare - the Monday data download showed that histransmitter was not moving since Friday afternoon and was losing power overthe weekend, indicating that it was either off of Harley or that Harley was in a position that his backpack was not receiving any light (solar powered battery) and not moving. Our fears - Backpack could be off (loss of project data, but Harley okay)- Harley injured or ill (or even dead) - lead poisoning known to be a problem in that part of Arkansas. Since Harley arrived in Arkansas, we have established a good relationshipwith colleagues down there - they were very quick to offer assistance as soon as there was an indication of trouble. Wednesday's data download showed the battery recharged, operational and moving around in the area that Harley has been in - all appears good! Wethink that the battery just got weak (not receiving enough light) and unable to send data, but was still data-logging. Of course, we will continue to keep a close eye on things and are very grateful to our Arkansas colleagues for their willingness to help.


  1. Wow I cannot believe that harley actually flew 500 miles in 12 days that is a long ways to go! I wonder how long his GPS will continue to work? I hope we are able to follow his travels for a long time. I want to see him find a female and have babies. That would be cool.

  2. I've been following him along the Little Buffalo River between Jasper and Parthenon. Been trying to get some photographs of him. The two chances I had, I was driving down the road and he was in flight. Be great if their can be an update on where he has been primarily hanging around. Would like to get some great photos of him and to share with you.