Monday, December 6, 2010

Dr. Redig at MOU Paper Session Dec.4

On Saturday, December 4, Dr. Pat Redig, co-founder of TRC, spoke at the annual Paper Session for the Minnesota Ornithologists’ Union. It has become a part of the program to have an annual update on the peregrines in the Midwest, for which the Midwest Peregrine Society, headquartered at TRC, coordinates banding activities.

Some interesting information from this past season: Whitewater State Park is the last known historical nesting site of peregrines in Minnesota in 1962, before restoration efforts. In 2009 there was a pair of peregrines that nesting again there, and between last season and 2010, there have been seven young successfully fledged.

Over 400 birds were produced in the 2010 season, for the 13 Midwestern states and two Canadian provinces.

For more information on how MPS assisted in the recovery of the peregrine falcon, you can visit the website here. There is a searchable public database if you are interested in finding information on peregrines at a site in your area, or want to know the history on an individual bird by its band.

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