Monday, January 3, 2011

Galapagos Journal Entry #10

Happy New Year! Heading back to Galapagos!
After a busy holiday season, I am preparing to return to the islands. It will be good to see my colleagues again. Trying to do last minute planning amongst all the holiday festivities has been challenging, but I think things are on track. I hear the weather has changed – they have headed into their hot, wet season. The prediction this year, however, is for an extreme drought – so hot, but not expected to be wet.

While I was gone, Franny (one of my colleagues - pictured here) was able to make a trip to Bainbridge 3, one of the islands where we will be trapping hawks. There, she accustomed the birds to trap sites as we did on Rabida in November. We expected three birds on Bainbridge from earlier observations, but she reported four.

No matter how much planning we do, I know there will be surprises in the coming weeks. Looking forward to seeing what comes!

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