Friday, April 15, 2016

TRC Celebrates Volunteers - Youth RaptorCorp

The Youth RaptorCorp Class of 2015-2016

Our final post for Volunteer Week was written by Nickie M.  Nickie was part of a team of three Education volunteers who planned and taught the topics for our most recent Youth RaptorCorp sessions, TRC's youth service-learning club.   

"Youth Raptor Corps had their final class this week and it was such a great experience to get to teach these amazing kids. My favorite parts were getting to plan and teach with Brett and Denise and getting to know the kids.

Brett, Denise and I would all meet at a coffee shop with a rough outline and a bunch of ideas.  We would brainstorm while the caffeine kicked in and a couple of hours later everything would fall into place for a great plan for class. It was nice to have the freedom to pick the topic and choose what each of us wanted to teach the kids. The kids loved getting to see the raptors up close and we all enjoyed great guest speakers who presented to the class. Every class ended with the kids doing a service project to help TRC and raptors.

This group of 5-8th grade kids were remarkable and really cared about the environment, raptors, and other animals.  They always had lots of great and complex questions that showed that they wanted to learn more and more. It was fun to see them every month and I am sure, with their passion for nature, that they will go on to do great things to help the world.
We really appreciated working with the great TRC staff, especially Dan H., to make this possible."

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