Wednesday, April 13, 2016

TRC Celebrates Volunteers - Carpentry

David S. works on an American kestrel hutch, to put in some
heat features.

The Carpentry volunteer crew has four main members, three of which are also on other TRC crews.  Rich B. (volunteer since 2015) is on Education, Pierce F. (2015) is on Clinic, David S. (2009) is also Transport, while Gary G. (2015) is specifically on Carpentry.
Rich B. shows off an innovative - and sustainable -
design for raptor perches.

This team of volunteers makes unique contributions each day.  David S. shared that this group can now be very innovative in their approach due to the construction that was completed for both education and rehabilitation birds’ housing last year.  A large part of their work used to consist of repairing broken perches and enclosure components.  Now their efforts can be focused on making existing things even better. 

The construction company left us remnants of some of the durable, sustainable, weather-resistant building materials.  The volunteers thought they might work great as new perch supports.  They experimented with different designs, working closely with clinic and education staff on what was safest and best for birds.  Now the perches will last longer, and take less maintenance. They also began to make patterns for the pieces, so other volunteers can replicate the efforts. 

A wonderful example of re-purposing is evident in one of the “old” education courtyard’s door and frame.  The volunteers used it to build an organized storage area for the education department in TRC’s downstairs store room.

David does a wonderful job of explaining some of the work done by this crew in a video here. 

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