Thursday, April 14, 2016

TRC Celebrates Volunteers - Transport Crew

Transport volunteers Velma and Gary R. responded to a
call about an injured bald eagle.  They kept the bird's head
covered to reduce stress, and had appropriate training and
equipment for this rescue and transport. 
They are family to TRC's front desk staff, Sue W.,
who recruited them to be TRC volunteers.

The Transport volunteer crew provides ambulance service to deliver injured raptors to TRC clinic doors as soon as possible.  They don’t drive fast, but they do often travel long distances and even put up with rush hour traffic in the cities.  This volunteer group is set up like many of other crews.  Each person has a specific weekday and time (morning/afternoon/early evening) that they donate but instead of having a specific task to do each week, they are on-call, ready to be dispatched at a moment’s notice.

Some crew members are also trained in rescue and share many interesting stories, from riding 4-wheelers and taking canoe trips, to hiking through mucky swamps, all to reach raptors in distress. This caring group of people is crucial to helping TRC provide care and relieve the suffering of injured raptors in a timely fashion.  Sometimes, hours really do count.  We are so thankful to our transport volunteers; they are an integral part of our TRC team.

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