Wednesday, October 29, 2014

Update on TRC Construction from Artemis the Peregrine Falcon

Artemis the peregrine falcon pauses from her meal
to deliver an update on TRC's construction project.
TRC staff and volunteers are taking advantage of the warmer than average weather the past couple of weeks. Some of the education birds, who are temporarily being housed indoors during the new raptor housing destruction/construction project, are brought outside for feeding.

Artemis, the peregrine falcon, in between bites of lunch recently, asked to report on the progress of the project.

“I was able to see the area today while I had a delicious quail lunch (my compliments to the ‘chef’ volunteers.) There is a very large hole where I used to live. Wooden structures are up that I overheard are the forms for the cement infrastructure for our new space. They look great to perch on from here---but people keep adding things to them so things are changing all the time. 

“I heard the non-feathered staff say that they will not miss the stairs or the shovel brigades after a snow storm. I don’t know about that, but I love a good rain bath and tucking my toes under my feathers when it snows.  My fellow winged ambassadors and I will still enjoy access to the variable Minnesota weather, but it will be easier for the TRC volunteers and staff to use covered walkways when it rains and snows.”
View from the side of the new education bird housing.

This is the infrastructure for concrete Artemis mentions.

This is a view from inside TRC, looking out on the
rehabilitation pens.  Concrete is also being

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