Monday, October 20, 2014

Pumpkins for Raptors?

Like many of you are probably doing, TRC is taking advantage of “seasonally available” produce.  We have found pumpkins to be a great way to incorporate into our enrichment activities for our education raptors.  How?  Read on!

Outdoors construction at our site means we have had to move some of our birds to alternative housing.   We are using some creative ways to ensure that the birds are continually comfortable with new surroundings.  Rope “toys” that encourage natural behavior to “foot” their prey are made almost daily by our volunteers.   

Once they are hollowed out, small pumpkins make great places to “hide” the birds’ food.  In this series of photos, Lois the great horned owl is offered her mouse lunch in a pumpkin.  As you can see, Lois very carefully sizes up her “prey” before she withdrew her treat.

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