Monday, October 13, 2014

The Raptor Center's Destruction/Construction Continues

When you parked at the meters at TRC, this used to be a solid
wall of our education bird courtyard.
The old bird housing at The Raptor Center continues to not put up much resistance. 

These photos were taken just this morning.

This is a view from when you walked straight into the
education bird courtyard on a tour. 

This is a view to the left of the education bird courtyard,
from same doorway as above. 
We look forward to sharing photos soon of the new construction which YOU made possible!
This is a view of the education bird courtyard, taken from
below, near the loading dock.  The structure to the far left is
all that is left of the doorway/opening as you began a tour.

This is a view of where our old flight pens used to be
from a hallway within TRC. 

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