Friday, April 4, 2014

A Successful Bald Eagle Release in Shakopee

TRC volunteer Jim K.

The Raptor Center was able to successfully release one of the adult male bald eagles that was recovered in the Shakopee area a few weeks ago.  After a chelation process that removed the lead from his blood, and treatment of the soft tissue injuries he sustained from the talons of the other eagle, he was returned to the skies, not far from where he was recovered.  The second eagle is still undergoing treatment with the hope that it, too, will be ready for release in a few weeks. 

The most common cause of lead toxicity in eagles is spent lead hunting ammunition.  Lead poisoning has long been recognized to be a serious problem in bald eagles admitted to The Raptor Center.

Dr. Julia Ponder, TRC’s Executive Director, recently authored a piece for the Food Policy Research Center on hunting ammunition and implications for public health. 

Thank you to TRC volunteers Jim K. (handling and releasing) and Les C. for the photos.

TRC volunteer Jim K. and TRC Education Program Manager Gail Buhl

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