Thursday, April 10, 2014

Thank You, TRC Volunteers!

Nero is presented with his "cake."
The Raptor Center has much to celebrate and be thankful.  This year is our 40th anniversary.  This week is National Volunteer Week.  We hosted a volunteer gathering that doubled as a "40th Hatchday Party" for Nero, our education turkey vulture.  Nero turns 40 this year; he was hatched in 1974, the same year TRC was!

There were vulture-decorated cakes for our volunteers (one of which was created by volunteer Peg D.)  Nero had a cake made just for him, which was an enrichment way to offer some of his favorite foods, chicken and fish!
Nero's cake before his treats are put into it.

We cannot thank our volunteers enough for their energy after long days at work to show up at TRC and give something back to the community.  These busy adults spend their precious free time preparing raptor food and cleaning cages at TRC each day.  Our accomplishments would be so much less and our reach so limited without the richness of our volunteer community.  We are forever in debt to these wonderful people who share our passion for raptors and make a difference every day of our lives.

Peg D, TRC Volunteer, created this cake.

Volunteers enjoyed the turkey vulture themed party!

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