Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Update on Two Bald Eagle Patients from Shakopee, MN

Monday evening, two adult bald eagles were transported to our clinic from the Shakopee, MN area.  They were found on the ground with talons locked together (as you can see from the photo submitted by Michelle Karr.)

These two adult males were most likely entangled in a territory dispute.  Both birds have had initial exams, and presented with a variety of soft tissue wounds.  They both also tested positive for low lead toxicity levels, which means that at some point they each ingested lead with their meals.  The most common cause of lead toxicity in eagles is spent lead hunting ammunition.  Lead poisoning has long been recognized to be a serious problem in bald eagles admitted to The Raptor Center.  (Click here for the story on our 40th raptor clinic patient - a bald eagle with lead poisoning.)

One of the bald eagle patients being examined: the yellow bandage shown
on the wing will protect the bird's wrist while it is in clinic.
     Many bald eagle pairs in Minnesota are incubating eggs at this time, but single adults might still make attempts to take over an already-occupied territory.

For the next couple of weeks, these birds will be treated for their soft tissue injuries and lead toxicity.


  1. I wonder if they worked it out while they were stuck together? Talk about a life lesson! I've got lots of friends who hunt, so I'm sharing this to spread the word on lead poisoning and ammunition.

  2. Thank you for the updates .On March 9 ,2014 I watched one of the Eagles for a few hours as he was siting in the tree in front of my building. He later got spooked but was circling around the area and landing in near by trees close to the Minnesota River not to far away from my location and a Park. I was very surprised to find the Eagles locked together. I hope they recover soon from the lead poisoning

  3. So awesome that you came out after hours to take care of them. Kudos to your team! Thank you!

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