Thursday, July 18, 2013

Update on Former TRC Bald Eagle Patient

We report some news on a former TRC bald eagle patient.  In May, we shared the story of two eagles being found on the ground near Duluth, MN, most likely in a territorial fight (see stories here and here).  While one bird was able to fly away, the other was injured (soft tissue and talon punctures) and was brought to our clinic.   We released the bird in early June along the St Croix River. 

On Monday evening, the male eagle was found dead, ensnared in fishing line along the St. Louis River.  The bird was identified by the USFWS band that was placed on the bird's leg before release.  This banding activity has yielded much information about topics such as dispersal, longevity, and toxicology to name just a few.  In addition it does inform us on what happens to individual birds upon release.

A message we would like to share is to
please be responsible as you enjoy recreational activities.  Please make every effort to bring home everything you bring with you.  Be aware that unintended consequences can happen.  Most fishing line is not biodegradable, so it will persist long after the season it was introduced into the environment. 

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