Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Mestaae's New Home at TRC

This is Mestaae's new enclosure in our TRC lobby.
Mestaae, one of TRC's education eastern screech-owls, is in training for a new home.  Don't worry; he is staying at TRC!  His home was newly built, just for him!  The enclosure was designed by TRC staff, but constructed by TRC volunteers (who also donated the materials.)  It is meant to encourage conversation about what type of habitat in which you can find this owl species.

To ensure that Mestaae makes a smooth and comfortable transition to his new enclosure, only one new thing is introduced at a time.  The previous location was in an off-public area, and it was much darker than our lobby area.  The "new" item first is the location in our lobby.  We are "keeping" the "darker" in the transition at first by draping the enclosure with a tarp and some netting. 

The plexiglass is also "new", so we have blue painters' tape on it, for Mestaae to learn the boundaries of the enclosure. This will be removed later.

Mestaae is a part of our Adopt a Raptor program, which helps feed, house and provide medical care for our winged ambassadors.

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  1. very cool new home for the little one. I cant wait to check it out Thursday! :-)