Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Snapshot - Day in TRC Education

Ever wondered what it is like at TRC?  We took a few shots to share with you of our education crew.  Each day is different, which brings new opportunities to make new friends and help educate on how important raptors are to our shared world.

Nova the northern saw-whet owl.
Nova, our northern saw-whet owl peeked at everyone who stopped by to say hello.  Mouse was on her menu for later; she can't wait!

Campers studied an X-ray of a raptor patient.
Raptor Vet Camp started this week.  Campers learned what it takes to be a wildlife veterinarian, including the steps to admit an injured raptor.  Reaching young learners is one of our most important objectives.

Gail feeds Pi the bald eagle.
Staff and volunteers are always busy feeding the education birds.  Sometimes a part of the birds' ongoing training includes having the public be present.  It helps the birds learn to be comfortable with the different audiences they might meet.

Since we cannot bring the public into our clinic area, we create opportunities to talk about the patients we are treating, what brought them to us, and how what we do can affect them.  Volunteer Joan W. talks about our patient census to some members of the public who dropped in to visit.

Volunteers Michael and Nickie show off some paper
enrichment "toys" for the education birds.

Volunteers are always coming up with new ways to keep the birds busy with enrichment activities, too.

Stop by and see us!  Our website is here with hours, location and other information. 

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