Thursday, March 28, 2013

TRC at Minnesota Twins Opener! Sneak Peek at Rehearsal

Gail Buhl and Pi
TRC will appear at the Minnesota Twins home opener game on April 1 during the National Anthem.  TRC staff will include Pi and Maxime the bald eagles.  The Twins Marketing Department, and all staff we were in contact with, were very accommodating to our request to have the birds visit the site before the game.  We have a great deal of respect for our winged co-workers, and to make sure that they would be comfortable with this venue, TRC staff Gail Buhl and Mike Billington visited the field with Pi and Maxime (one of the birds in our Adopt a Raptor program) on Tuesday. 

Twins staff helped in this process by first allowing grounds crew to work around the birds.  Then the rolling video was introduced, followed by the Jumbotron and graphics.  Finally, the music that would play, and the announcing, were done. 
Mike Billington and Maxime

Minnesota Twins Marketing Dept staff, Gail and Pi
We'll be back on Friday for one more pre-game visit - watch for more photos! 

We hope to take this opportunity in our appearance next week to engage and educate thousands of new friends with the work we do.  

A final note - Maxime did "christen" home plate while we were there!
(Thank you to TRC volunteer Les Conrad for the photos!)


  1. Wonderful! They had an eagle here in Houston at one of the Houston Texan's games last fall - it was truly breathtaking! Thanks you for your hard work and dedication.