Thursday, March 21, 2013

Indiana Peregrine in Costa Rica

Pablo Camacho took this photo of b/r 78/D
TRC received a report of a peregrine hatched in Indiana in 2012, and who has been spotted in Costa Rica since January 2013.  Pablo Camacho works in the Raptor of Costa Rica Foundation ( Apparently the bird has been "vacationing" at the Iglesia Inmaculada Concepcion Catholic Church de Heredia.  According to Pablo the bird has been hunting pigeons for at least the past 44 days, from the time he first observed her on about January 31.  He was able to get close enough to photograph the bird and verify that the federal band on her right leg matches Midwest Peregrine database (1687-30263) and color band b/r 78/D.

The leg bands identified the bird as being hatched at
the BP Plant in Whiting Lake County, Indiana; she was banded on May 21 by INDNR staff John Castrale. 

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