Friday, February 22, 2013

Juneau the Peregrine Takes a Bath

Juneau the peregrine dipped her face in her bath pan,
and used her head to "toss" water up over her back. 
She also crouched down to give her "undercarriage" a bath.
During the winter months, we periodically bring our education winged ambassadors indoors from the education courtyard.  It gives us an opportunity to clean and maintain their mews, and we give the birds some fresh water and a choice to bathe indoors.  Juneau the peregrine enjoyed her bath recently.  Afterwards, she preened her feathers.

Juneau is one of our education ambassadors who is a part of our Adopt a Raptor program.  Your gifts to "adopt" Juneau will help  feed, house, and provide medical care for these education stars, who because of extensive injuries cannot be released back into the wild.

Juneau preened her feathers, an important part of a bird's attention to their care.

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