Thursday, February 21, 2013

February Check-In on Golden Eagles

Golden eagle 45 map

Mark Martell of Audubon, Minnesota sent us the latest maps of the recent travels for golden eagles with satellite transmitters.  You can find information on the project at Audubon's site, as well as National Eagle Center's site.  (And you can follow the eagles yourself on Audubon's interactive map.)

Golden Eagle 45 – Jeanette, has been using the west-central part of Waupaca County in Wisconsin. This is the same county she was trapped in last year in the same general area. She started moving north in Feb 16 in 2012, but this was immediately after she was trapped. It will be interesting to see what she does this year.

Golden eagle 46 map
Golden Eagle 46 – Had Wah-pe, is hanging very tight to an area in the Whitewater IBA (Important Bird Are) in Winona County, Minnesota. This is the same area he used all last winter. A field crew from Audubon Minnesota and the National Eagle Center were able to locate and see Eagle 46 last week.

Golden eagle 53 map
Golden Eagle 53 – Jack, is still in Ozark County, Missouri near the border of Arkansas. Like the birds that winter in MN and WI he is using an area that is a mix of agriculture and wooded hillsides. He has been in this area since Christmas.

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