Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Raptor Migration in North America

Peregrine falcon
 We know our readers are as excited about hawk migration as we are!  We are so lucky in the Twin Cities area to be able to journey to Duluth, MN to visit Hawk Ridge, one of the major migration points in North America. 

We also realize we have many other friends who live in other parts of North America, and might be interested in where they might watch hawk migrations, and to see some statistics on numbers for their favorite species.  The Hawk Migration Association of North America has some great sources of information for these questions.  Globally, the Raptor Research Foundation has a goal to accumulate and disseminate scientific information about raptors. They also promote an awareness and appreciation of raptors amongst the general public. 
Red-tailed hawk
If you have an interest in raptors, there are many others with your thirst for knowledge, and lots of places to find information. 

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