Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Eagles, Hawks, and Owls Oh My! Camp at TRC

TRC finished up our summer camps with a partnership with Richardson Nature Center.  The campers had classroom as well as outdoor experiential learning opportunities about raptors and their connections to the environment.

Adam Barnett, TRC Interpretive Naturalist, talked about owl adaptations. 
Dr. Irene Bueno, TRC's Resident, showed the students what raptor patient injuries might look like on radiographs. 
One of the unique experiences provided for the campers was the opportunity to watch the volunteer flight crew exercise recuperating raptors. This is one of the final phases of the rehabilitation process.  The first patient, an osprey chick only a couple of months old, was in the clinic for a short period of time.  Its flights were strong and the bird was released later that day.  Another bird, a broad-winged hawk, was carried to the exercise area with a protective covering over its head to keep it calm. It was shown briefly to the campers before it, too, was given the opportunity to build its flight muscles in preparation for a future release.

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