Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Clinic Patient Census Sept 10

Young Red-shouldered hawk
The Raptor Center clinic has received 576 wild patients so far this year. We currently have 80 patients.

EaglesBald eagles   18

Hawks - ButeosRed-tailed hawk   23
Broad-winged hawk   6
Red-shouldered hawk   1

Hawks - AccipitersSharp-shinned hawk   1
Cooper's hawk   12

American kestrel   1
Peregrine   5
Merlin   4

Great horned owl   7
Barred owl   1

Northern Harrier   1

We update our clinic patient census weekly on our website.

We couldn't provide the care for these patients without your help.  Many of them stay for one to two months.  Each meal is $2-$3 for each patient.  If the patient stays for two months, the food bill alone for one patient is at least $120. 

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