Thursday, April 1, 2010

Golden Eagle transmitter

Dr. Julia Ponder, Executive Director of TRC, and Mark Martell, Director of Bird Conservation for Audubon, Minnesota, fitted the Golden Eagle with a satellite transmitter. The transmitter resembles a small back pack and is very lightweight – just a few ounces. TRC clinic staff anesthetized the bird before the transmitter was attached. This was to reduce the bird's stress during the procedure and to make it easier to properly fit the transmitter so it would not interfere with the bird's ability to fly or eat. The transmitter has a solar-powered battery that will upload data to let us know the location of the bird as it moves. We hope, like in the case of Golden Eagle 42, this will tell us more about range, habitat needs and other aspects of eagle natural biology.

This bird had very large feet! A person wearing heavy welder’s gloves is holding the lower legs to safely restrain the bird.
You can also see one of the differences between a Golden and a Bald Eagle - the Golden has feathers that go down to the tops of its feet.

Drew Bickford, a Veterinary Technician at TRC, helped recover the eagle from the anesthesia.

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  1. Amazing to see such a beautiful creature up close.
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