Monday, April 5, 2010

Harley April 4

The data from Harley's transmitter will be sent in to TRC about once a week through the fall.

Harley moved slightly south and then west of his location north of the Twin Cities on March 28 to St. Croix and Polk counties Wisconsin (about 10 miles west the St. Croix River). On April 2 he took off and moved about 40 miles north to Crex Meadows Wildlife Area in Burnett County. On April 3 he moved another 40 miles to the NW into Douglas County, WI. Our last signals on April 4 found him in that general location.

The following three maps show (in order, from first to last in the blog posting): April 3 and 4th roost locations, where he was in the last week, and where he has gone since he was released.

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  1. Hurray he is finding his way home. I was beginning to think that he never would. Perhaps he will be of spiritual help to Brian Baladez, the man who helped to save him. Brian is in (last heard) critical condition in a Duluth hospital after having a motorcycle accident.