Tuesday, March 30, 2010

TRC Rehabs another Golden Eagle

The Raptor Center successfully rehabilitated another Golden Eagle! A few weeks ago, this large female eagle was injured in WI, sustaining internal trauma. The photos for this post show the final phase of her rehabilitation, exercise to develop endurance and strong flight muscles. To do this, TRC uses a technique called creancing. Lightweight cord is attached to temporary leather straps called jesses on the bird’s-legs and the bird is allowed to fly in a controlled fashion. This way, TRC staff and volunteers can retrieve the bird until it is strong enough to be released to the wild.

Check back on the blog for the rest of her story! She was released last week after being fitted with a transmitter, like Golden Eagle 42, and hopefully will tell us more information about Golden Eagle biology and movement. Her number will be Golden Eagle 44. You can follow the Golden Eagle Project, courtesy of Audubon Minnesota, here.

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