Thursday, December 3, 2015

TRC Volunteer Introduces Birding to Next Generation

The Raptor Center is proud to highlight the work of one of our volunteers.  Amy S. Dean created and leads a group of 4th and 5th grade birders in Minneapolis called the Burroughs Birding Club.  It is a wonderful opportunity to get young people outside, and introduce them to what is hopefully a lifetime of discovering birds and how we are all connected. 

This article about the group, written by birder Val Cunningham who came out to bird with the group, appeared in the Star tribune.

BirdWatching Magazine generously sent some copies of their publication to the group, who took a pic to highlight their appreciation!  A story appeared in BirdWatching Daily. 

One of the Burroughs birders, Thea Dean, age 8 (3rd grader), agreed to write an answer to the
question of, “Why do you like birds?” 
Answer:  “I think people learn new things. They challenge themselves. It is fun because there are many birds you haven’t seen. I like birding. It is a chance to be out in nature and see one of the world’s most interesting animals. I believe birding is for everyone. It gives important information to scientists and is very very FUN!”

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