Monday, December 7, 2015

Checking in on former TRC Clinic Patients - Great Gray Owls

Female great gray owl in her enclosure.

We thought you'd enjoy hearing an update on two former TRC clinic patients.

The goal of raptor rehabilitation is to give as many injured and orphaned birds as possible a second chance at a wild life. But for some, the nature of their injuries prevents them from doing basic survival activities and they simply are not capable of surviving in the wild.  These birds are evaluated for their tolerance of captivity and overall quality of life and may be placed at a properly permitted educational facility that meets TRC’s guidelines for care. 

Recently, a donor/friend of TRC met a couple of great gray owls at the Vermont Institute of Natural Science, who were patients at TRC.  They were placed in 2000.  The female was incapable of sustained flight after recovering from two broken wings, and the male had extensive damage to his right eye that necessitated its removal.  The owls are now living out their lives in a static display and for the past 15 years have been educational ambassadors for their species.  Thank you to Linda Conrad for the photos and information. 

Male great gray owl in his enclosure.

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