Thursday, February 19, 2015

Update on Construction at TRC from Lois the Great Horned Owl

Lois the great horned owl.

Lois the great horned owl has visited several schools recently.  She is transported to her program locations in her travel crate.  She peeked out the door of her crate recently, and asked to give the latest update on the construction here at TRC.

Interior framework is going up!
Siding of the new construction; photo taken from side,
near parking meters out front of TRC.

“The outer siding for the new housing for me and my fellow winged ambassadors is very visible from the loading area where I get ready to go to programs.  It looks very much like overlapping feathers, which I approve of, though they are all square and the same color.  I much prefer the color, pattern, and shape diversity of my own feathers. 
Siding of the new construction: photo taken
from parking meters out front.  Sun was
just coming up!

The roof structure, and outer siding going up.

The framework for our individual housing areas that we call mews seems to be coming along nicely.  I can also see the shape of the roof that will be over the whole area.  The ceilings over the human walkways are solid.  I never minded snow on my head but I know the volunteers and staff will appreciate not having to knock snow off of mesh ceilings as they used to do.”

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